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Begleithündin Kali

Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. therapist . Coach .

As a Dutch woman, married to a German man, I have been living in Germany since 2008. Eleven years of it in Cologne and two years in the Bergisches Land . Our faithful life companion is our Labrador Retriever bitch.

As an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy  and  therapist  I work with an approach from humanistic psychotherapy. This assumes that people carry within themselves the solutions they need to free themselves from their suffering. He is capable of creative growth, constructive change and self-actualization.  

In my Practice for change, change studio , I stand by your side with all my experience, methodical and human. Personally, I find therapy to be a magical tool for self-exploration, self-knowledge, and self-renewal. The space that is held is a protected, precious space where you can be who you are. You sense and learn new options for action and apply them in everyday life.  

I also include my Labrador Retriever companion dog Kali in my therapeutic  work with a she  supports with her quiet presence, deep rest and fine intuition, as a mirror in all processes.  Of course, talk to me if you don't want to take the dog to therapy  included  want to have, eg if you are allergic .  

It is important to me that you develop your own inner coach or therapist during our work together . In this way you will learn to support yourself better in everyday life.  

I look forward to getting to know you personally!

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