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client experiences

Here you get an impression of how I can help you. Some of my clients wrote a few lines about their personal experiences. If you want my professional assessment for your own change request, please arrange a free initial consultation with me.


´´If you get stuck with a question in life, you should talk to Marjolein Wijnand about it. That helped me a lot. She is a good listener, asks patiently if something is not clear to her, and suddenly you see his blind spot. She is very accurate and fun to converse with. With her fine sense of humor and her life experience, she is a wonderful conversationalist.´´ A (49), Cologne


``Marjolein very intuitively asked me the right question at the right moment. She has a very calm, clear and professional manner and gives space for what is there. It doesn't control where to go. I had the confidence to let myself go. I was positively surprised how she always remembered previous sessions, how she got involved at the right moment and kept the common thread for me. I have learned to recognize my physical ailments for what they are - suppressed and hidden heart desires - to change them and to follow my longings.`` I (35), Cologne

´´Marjolein  has a warm, empathetic and kind demeanor and voice. I felt accepted. Everything was allowed to be there, value-free. I felt a deep trust in her and was able to open up.  This enabled me to get involved with my inner being, because I knew I would be caught. Where words were missing, I could be felt in my body and find myself. Where I thought I had already changed, I got a deeper understanding of my blockages. I noticed how you focused on what is possible, on the potential that still wants to develop in me. Thank you very much, dear Marjolein!´´ B (50), Düsseldorf

`Mrs. Wijnand's pleasant conversational style is characterized by a positive straightforwardness. A 'digression' is lovingly led back to the actual topic. With different working methods she brings light into the darkness. Thank you!`` M (46), Cologne

I look forward to getting to know you personally!

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