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high sensitivity

High sensitivity is my specialty.  highly sensitive  and I accompany highly intelligent adults in my practice in Cologne  convertible studio  based on the research results of high sensitivity therapy. High sensitivity is a trait discovered by the American psychotherapist, depth psychologist and pioneering researcher Elaine N. Aron (1944) in the 1990s. This trait, scientifically proven, accounts for 15 to 20 percent of people.  


The bright side of high sensitivity is the gift of sensitive intuition . Highly sensitive people (HSP) are characterized by very fine perception and a very sensitive nervous system. You perceive the opposite, in groups, in teams more consciously and intensively. You sense feelings, moods, energies, intuitions, dynamics that are not noticed by others. Your sensory impressions are more intense and complex. Highly sensitive people process information faster and more thoroughly. They are highly intelligent and become more introverted as their intelligence increases. Their great emotional and social intelligence brings great benefits. The prerequisite for this is that they are aware of the gift of high sensitivity, have accepted it and have it well integrated.

The dark side of high sensitivity often leads to a nervous overstimulation of the senses . If not well integrated, the sensitive trait can lead to emotional wear and tear, exhaustion, disappointment and failure, for example at work. For highly sensitive people, the awareness of their personality traits is essential. In addition, loving self-knowledge, self-acceptance, demarcation and self-care. HSPs often feel that they are very different from their environment, too sensitive, deficient, even sick, until they recognize their trait as such. Many difficulties and mental illnesses can develop from this.


Do you perceive more intensely? Do you feel different because your perception is more complex than that of others? Are you often overwhelmed and overwhelmed by external stimuli? You are probably Highly Sensitive! Take the test here:  


I look forward to getting to know you personally!

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